Macris Industries Chroma Dynamic Color Change Underwater LED 18" - 64W

Macris Industries

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The only fully dynamic, color-changing underwater LED in the world! Wield control over every linear inch of your underwater lighting array by linking MIU Chroma units to create unbroken, fluid, and sweeping dynamic effects. Proprietary Dynamic Pixel Control is tied directly to our Chroma Control units and wirelessly connected to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other WiFi-enabled devices.

Truly a groundbreaking advancement for underwater lighting and can be integrated with external triggers, music, and environmental sensors for incredible effects.

18″ LOA, 3.5″ tall and 0.350″ thick, currently available in one size rated at 56W. Chroma Control required to integrate and control all units. All lights daisy-chain together for seamless effects.

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