Macris Industries MIU30 Underwater LED 14" - 48W - 6000+ Lumens

Macris Industries

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The MIU30 brings more power, higher efficacy LEDs, active thermal management, proprietary and patent-pending air-free laminate construction, and multi-volt 10-30V DC power architecture!

The MIU30 was our first size class created and still our go-to lamp for the majority of mid-size installations. Updated power handling, our proprietary composite laminate construction, and 100% made in America! 60W total power, ultra-thin, impact, and corrosion-resistant. 14″ LOA, 3″ H and slippery 0.292″ thick. Running surface mountable.

Features our proprietary composite laminate construction, and is 100% made in America at our factory in Stonington, Connecticut.

Mounts by simple adhesive lamination, which has been field-tested up to 75kts on running surfaces. Mount with 3M Marine 4200 or similar.

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